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Independent School Funding Specialists
Asset Finance Solutions for your School

The right funding solution for capital assets.

Whether you are looking to lease, rent or buy your school assets, we can search our wide range of funders for the right solutions for your school.

No deposit, 100% funding usually available for Asset Finance purchases.

Asset Finance Lease and Hire Purchase is also available at Fixed Rates from 1 to 7 years.

Unsecured funding also available in excess of 5 years



Funding your move to Carbon reduction and green initiatives.


Ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar energy and LED conversion are a few of the Carbon reduction initiatives where we can support your purchase through Asset Finance.


Semi-Permanent and Temporary Buildings:


Funding portable, permanent or temporary buildings allowing you to expand where a permanent structure is not viable or planning permission is challenging.


Almost anything you require to improve the efficiency, running or appeal of your school can be supported through Asset Finance.  


Why Asset Finance?


  • The opportunity to retain your capital reserves and fund the equipment at a fixed cost over the lifetime of the asset.


  • Asset Finance allows you to purchase at today’s prices reducing the impact of inflation on your purchase and potentially benefiting from inflation on your repayments. 


  • Asset Finance funding will usually benefit from no arrangement fees.



Case Study

A client looked to fund the purchase of equipment with a cost of £410,000.

We managed to source 100% funding for them (resulting in no deposit needed from our client).


Repayable over a 5 year period by fixed monthly instalments at an all-in flat rate below 3%

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