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Professional Clerking for your Governing Bodies and Trust Board

Your Governing Body and your Trust Board must have a clerk.
a professional clerk for your trust board meetings

The quality of clerks varies hugely.

What should your Clerk be doing?

​Providing advice and guidance to the governing board on governance, constitutional matters, procedural matters and contribute towards the efficient functioning of the board and its committees with:

  • organisational and administrative support

  • guidance to support the board works within the appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks

  • give advice on procedural matters regarding the operation of the board


The NGA have good model job descriptions for Clerks where the school or Trust is recruiting their own Clerk(s).

Many schools and Trusts are now utilising an external professional Clerk that has the experience and skills needed drive the efficiency and quality of the board forward.

If you would like details and a quotation for a professional Clerk that can offer Clerking services both face to face and via video meetings, do let us know and we will be happy to support.

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