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Specialists in Independent School Vehicle Funding 

The right funding solution for your school minibus and other vehicles

Whether you are looking to lease, rent or buy your school mini bus or staff cars, we can search the market for the right funding solutions for your school.

We can also source vehicles for you at a discount.

Funding Options Available

Rental (operating lease)

You rent the minibus for a set period of time ensuing you have a new, up to date and safe transport solution for your school

Sale and leaseback 

We source a funder to buy your mini bus from you (releasing cash to the school) and they then lease it back to you.

Finance Lease 

Independent schools have the additional option to purchase through a finance lease or loan

Hire Purchase

For schools requiring longer term ownership, hire purchase may be the right option for you.

Your suppliers may be offering you one source of funding. 

Let us search multiple funders to help you get best value for your school minibus leasing and asset finance.

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