Transforming Academy Banking

We can:

  • Increase the returns you achieve from your cash deposits and cash management *

  • Review your Cash Deposit and Investment policy *

  • Provide training for your Finance team to support Fraud Awareness (Fraud losses to the Education sector rose by 280% from 2018 to 2019) *

  • Support and guide your Banking Tender *

Where needed, advice and support on the following is also included in order to:

  • Significantly reduce the need for Mandate variations across Multi Academy Trusts * (also see our free guide to MAT Banking Models)

  • Reduce control and fraud risks in your banking function and set up *

  • Reduce or Remove annual card fees for Multi Academy Trust charge cards / procurement cards whilst giving central oversight and control *

  • Help you reduce cash in your schools and streamline procurement *

In addition we can

  • Offer a review of your DPO function and supply a compliant professional DPO service

  • Audit and advise on your HR & Risk Management approach

  • Supply a professional Clerking service


* We usually work on an annual retainer basis with a low monthly set fee giving you a full 12-months support.

There is usually a 'net negative cost' to you as we have an excellent track record for increasing interest earned (despite the low interest rate environment we find ourselves in) 

Interest and Treasury management guidance will be based on your own risk appetite in accordance with your Cash Deposit and Investment policy (we include the drafting of a policy if one is not in place or requires updating).

Contact us for a free chat without obligation.

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In my 10 year history of working with MATs and SATs, I have yet to see a MAT that could not improve its financial efficiency and returns, manage its risks more effectively and increase its confidence to efficiently and empathetically review and restructure roles to drive greatest pupil advantage.

The reality is, in most MATs, there is not the time to see the wood for the trees.

This is where we come in.

We offer a completely free initial consultation by phone or video call to get an understanding of your banking operation and will quickly identify if an in-depth review can add value to your organisation. Contact us.

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