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This is an overview of the general terms of engagement when employing Progressive Edge Solutions (trading as Education Banking Consultancy). They should be read alongside your formal quotation or contract.

About Us:
Progressive Edge Solutions (trading as Education Banking Consultancy)
1 Harbour House, Harbour Way, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5HZ

Progressive Edge Solutions Limited, trading as Education Banking Consultancy, is an Appointed Representative of Medifinance Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Company No. 12006673
VAT registration number 327 4092 08

Contact Details:

Telephone: 07796 940193


We offer consultancy services including, but not limited to, banking efficiency, deposit and treasury function reviews, banking reviews. We offer broker services and act as an introducer for deposits and loans including, but not limited to term loans, overdrafts, finance leases and operating leases. We act as an introducer for outsourced services including, but not limited to, HR Legal services, DPO roles, H&S and risk management.


We act as an introducer to Insignis Cash Solutions. As such they share a portion of their annual fee with us. 

This does not impact the fee you pay as this is the same rate whether going directly to Insignis or being introduced by us.

You will receive initial support (demonstrations, introduction and help using the platform for your first deposit). This is without any further charge.

Your relationship will be with Insignis who will (subject to you agreeing to be on their mailing list) keep you up to date with products and services etc.

It is important to remember that the deposit platform is an ‘execution only’ service. i.e. deposit decisions are made by you. 

The platform and our service only deals with cash deposits. We do not and can not give any guidance on any other forms of Investment.

All deposit decisions remain your responsibility. We do not and can not give advice on which banks and which products you should deposit in. We can supply a draft investment policy that is focused purely on cash deposits but it is your responsibility to ensure you adapt it to meet your needs and risk profile.


Should you wish to retain our services as a consultant on-going, you are welcome to do so – this is generally on a small monthly fee with a ‘fair usage’ policy.



Education Banking Consultancy will offer basic support and guidance on banking efficiency and deposit opportunity without charge (usually through an initial 1 hour video consultation.
If you wish to engage us further, we will agree a fee with you that will be either a fixed value or a percentage of potential gain in deposit interest or a percentage of funding value.

Our fees will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

In some instances, we will not levy a fee on you and will rely on introducer commission or fees from a financial partner.

Introducer Commission

As an appointed representative of Medifinance Ltd, we have a panel of lenders to explore lending options from. These lenders will usually pay an introductory commission allowing us to usually offer you our services without charge.

If we receive a commission or fee share from an organisation we introduce you to, this is retained by us.


Legal Advice

Our services do not constitute any form of legal advice. We recommend you seek independent legal opinion where necessary.

Investment Advice

We do not offer any form of investment advice. We do not discuss any forms of investments other than cash based deposit facilities.

Accounting and ‘Going Concern’

We recommend that you seek advice from your auditors to ensure you continue to comply with all accounting regulations and requirements and that your business remains liquid and solvent.

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