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Multi-Bank Deposit Solutions 

A simple application form gives you access to depositing your charity or school cash reserves with over 30 UK based banks registered with the FCA.

Our clients have been asking for an easy way to deposit in multiple banks that subscribe to the FSCS. We have the solution.

With deposit accounts ranging from instant access through to notice and fixed term deposits, you have the ability to spread your cash across multiple banks and multiple terms.

With rates available up to 20x those offered by the 'big 4', you can expect to significantly grow the interest earned on your deposits *

We will be delighted to give you an illustration and platform demonstration without obligation;


Who provides the platform?

The platform is provided by Insignis Cash Solutions. Insignis are FCA registered. Your funds are only ever held in your name - not the name of Insignis.

What additional benefits do I get from 'Education Banking Consultancy'?

Education Banking Consultancy do not charge you a fee. In addition, we offer free on-going support to you to ensure you can get the most from the platform.

If you require an updated Investment Policy, we can provide you with one without charge.

How do Insignis and Education Banking Consultancy get paid?

Insignis charge a platform fee based on the amount of funds you have on deposit with the platform **. As an introducer to Insignis, Education Banking Consultancy receive a small introducer fee.

Your Insignis fee is identical whether going direct or being introduced by us.


Once set up on the platform, your deposit is held initially with your hub account in Barclays until you transfer the funds into your chosen banks and accounts

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