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The best savings accounts for charities

Cash Deposit Solutions and Funding Support for your Multi Academy Trust, Academy School, Independent School or Charity

Complimentary support for your school banking, borrowing and deposit accounts

We will increase the interest you receive on your cash deposits 


We will make your deposit account opening simple, slick and painless

We will help you explore funding options including term loans (independent schools) and finance and operating leases (Academies and Independent Schools)

With over 30 years’ experience in the Banking Industry and 20 years focused entirely on the Education and Not for Profit Sector there is no other person with the knowledge and expertise to support you with School and charity banking and Independent school loans

or email us with any questions

Insignis or flagstone. Which is best

Free support and deposit guidance for Multi Academy Trusts and Charities

Ask us for free support for your Academy Deposit Accounts, your Independent School Deposits, Independent School borrowing requirements including term loans, finance leasing, school minibus leases and operating leases.

We aim to find you the best academy deposit account and the highest paying interest for your school deposits from our vast selection of banks

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