Your Financial Services Consultancy Partner:
Independent, Professional and unique.
For your Multi Academy Trust, Academy School, Independent School or Charity.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Banking Industry and 15 years focused entirely on the Education and Not for Profit Sector there is no other person with the knowledge and expertise to support you with the following:

  • Our Cash Deposit platform will give you access to more than 30 FCA registered banks to help you significantly increase the interest you earn

  • Term loan and Finance lease funding for Independent Schools

  • Broker services to explore and compare operating lease suppliers (you do not need to use your equipment supplier’s finance agreement – we can usually source the finance part of the agreement on better terms) 

  • Consultancy and support for your banking relationship (advice on banking structure, charges, mandate simplification, tender opportunities etc.) 

  • Review and drafting of your cash deposit and investment policy

  •  Research and knowledge of bank deposit appetite and offerings

  • Review of your DPO function* 

  • Outsourced HR legal support & H&S risk management * 

  • Sourcing of a professional Clerking service* 

*We can offer outstanding (all inclusive) HR Legal support for schools from our dedicated Schools HR Legal partners as well as outsourced H&S Risk Management, DPO service and Clerking. Please ask as to arrange a quotation at discounted rates) 

For Independent Schools we can:

  • Help Independent Schools get the right term loan or Finance Lease (whether secured or not)

  • Term loans up to 25 years

  • Finance Leases up to 10 years

  • Provide Deposit support

  • Review your DPO function

  • Outsourced HR Legal support & Risk Management

For Independent School lending support, we usually offer this service without charge to the school as the funder will usually pay a commission.

For Academies, we usually work on an annual retainer basis with a low monthly set fee giving you 12-months support for your banking and treasury management.


We have an excellent track record for increasing interest earned (despite the low interest rate environment we find ourselves in) 


Deposit and Treasury management guidance will be based on your own risk appetite in accordance with your Cash Deposit and Investment policy (we include the drafting of a policy if one is not in place or requires updating).

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New Deposit Platform available for Schools and Charities