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It's hard searching banks for the best deposit rates for your Charity.

What is the Best Charity Deposit Account?


The best charity savings account is not one account but the ability to deposit across multiple charity savings accounts.

We compared the Insignis, Flagstone and CAF charity deposit account platforms.

When we explored the options for Deposit Platforms for Schools and Charities, we found most of our clients still want 'dual control'. Whilst most platforms only allow you to withdraw funds to your main, linked bank account, dual control ensures all deposits are agreed by a second person. This is ideal if you want to completely avoid accidentally placing a deposit on a 3 year deposit when you meant it to be a 3 month term deposit.

Insignis was the only platform that allows you to choose to set up either 'single control' or 'dual control'. 

This, as well as significantly lower platform fees, was the reason we chose to partner with Insignis.

We also reviewed the number of banks you can place deposits with through the platforms and, when you remove those banks on the platform that do not take deposits from schools or charities, there was almost no difference between the deposit platform providers.

In our view, Insignis was the perfect choice for a deposit platform for schools and charities.

We can support you in accessing the Insignis platform without charge

If we do support you, you will benefit from the same platform fees that you would get by going directly as well as getting our on-going support completely free of charge.

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