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What is an Investment Policy?
Your Investment policy should give specific guidelines on how your organisation can invest / deposit its funds.

How can we help?
We can provide you with a draft policy that focuses purely on cash deposits.
We can not and do not discuss or give advice on any other form of Investments.
We can help you 
explore cash deposit solutions for your school or charity.
Many policies we have reviewed are open to interpretation leaving the finance team open to challenge and criticism. Many are not open to scrutiny or challenge.

Your School or Academy Investment Policy:
It should be specific and not open to interpretation
It should be able to withstand scrutiny
Join more than 300 Academies that have an up-to-date, relevant and effective Cash Deposit policy and deposit strategy.

More than 60% of the banks we work with offer a higher interest rate through us than going directly to them.

Would you like a draft Cash Deposit Policy?

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