Funding and Deposit Solutions for Independent Schools

If is easy to default to your existing Bank to fulfil your Term lending or Asset Finance requirements but this will mean your school potentially misses out on a more appropriate solution for your funding.

We have access to high street and boutique lenders that can offer you term loans for up to 25 years.

Having access to a wide range of funders can be critical to ensuring the best value solution is in place for your asset purchase or development.

We offer a completely free initial consultation by phone or video call to get an understanding of your funding needs and banking operation and will quickly identify if an in-depth review can add value to your organisation. Contact us.

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Term loans to Asset Finance


Your existing bank may or may not be the ideal partner for your funding needs. For Asset Finance solutions of £50,000 or more or term lending from £1m to £20m+ your independent school can benefit from having access to a wide range of funders to ensure you achieve best value.  Read more....

Maximising your interest​​


A review of your cash flow and deposit plans will allow us to help you create a simple to implement and efficient plan to maximise your returns on every day operational cash, surplus cash and reserves.

Your school may well be utilising term and notice deposits but we will demonstrate how you can aim to optimise these further using our extensive knowledge of bank current account and deposit products.

Web based live Fraud Awareness Training

The education sector experienced a 280& increase in fraud losses in a year. We offer Fraud Training for your school's CPD. read more.....

Aerial Photography and Video by Drone

Enhance your web site and school brochure marketing with stunning aerial photography and video footage by drone. An ideal way to highlight your unique setting and facilities to prospective parents.

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