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Exclusive Cash Back discount on School Business Services 
We offer an exclusive cash rebate for School Business Services. read more......
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Unlimited HR Legal support. Know exactly how much to budget and receive unlimited HR Legal support. read more......

We offer exclusive 'cash back' for Academies (MATs and SATs) as well as Maintained schools and Independent Schools wishing to use School Business Services or Judicium Education support.

Here is how it works:

1) This is only available for introductions we make to School Business Services or Judicium Education.

2) If you are interested in the services of either company, then let us know. We will introduce you to them and they will arrange for a quote (often the price you are quoted via an introduction from us is better than their standard rates).

3) If you take up a service from either company following a qualifying introduction from us, they will pay us an introducers fee (it is cheaper for a company to use an introducer than to employ additional sales staff hence they are happy to pay a fee). We then share this fee with you as a 'cash back'

4) You claim your cash back fee from us within 1 month of taking up your services with either organisation (we will require an invoice from you and the total invoice (including VAT) will usually be 10% of your first years qualifying fee.

Exclusions and conditions:

You may only claim a cash back fee from us where Judicium Education or School Business Services pay us an introducer fee.

An Introducer fee is usually only paid for clients that are new to either School Business Services or Judicium Education.

If School Business Services or Judicium deem that the introduction does not qualify for an introducer fee, then no fee will be paid to us and no cash back will be payable to you (this is usually only if you have already recently had a quote from them for the service or you are an existing customer).

We will confirm to you the amount of cash back you are eligible to claim

Cash back claims are only valid for introductions made from January 2022 onwards.

You need to claim your cashback within 2-months of your contracted services with Judicium or School Business Services

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