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6 Easy Tips for Cyber Security

More time on-line means more opportunities for fraudsters.

Six tips to help keep you safe:

1) Use a unique (& strong) password for your email. (Your email is the gateway to your online accounts - keep it secure)

2) Create strong passwords that are unique for all accounts (3 random words with some capitalisation, numeric or special letters can help you remember them e.g. f3nCe-5Hop-fr@nce would be easier to remember than random characters

3) Use your browser to save your passwords - it stops you having to remember them and makes using different passwords less of a chore

4) 2FA is your friend! two-factor authentication should be used for all accounts that support it. It adds a layer of security and makes it more difficult for a fraudster to access your accounts

5) Keep up-to-date. Your devices and software should be kept updated. Most updates contain security patches

6) Back-up your data and keep the back-up separate to your IT network.

Remember, over 90% of cyber fraud losses start with a phishing email. Make all your staff aware and consider 'testing' staff members reaction to simulated phishing attacks.

If you would like our free 'Fraud Awareness for Schools' video or would like to add phishing testing to your IT security, let me know

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